From the slant shadow – Carlo Bilotti Museum, Rome, 2019

As frames in a pictorial film on the continuity that binds its beings in a circular course composed of mysterious connections, on fragility but also on the desire for the absolute*, Vincenzo Scolamiero’s paintings and papers land at the Bilotti Museum, in a personal exhibition curated by Gabriele Simongini. A “poetic nature” emerges in his work, suggested through small, anti-heroic relics and remains in a microcosm made of small things: twigs, dry leaves, tufts of grass, pebbles, reeds, nests, whose real equivalents can be found by an attentive and patient viewer in the surrounding Villa Borghese, before or after the exhibition’s visit. But what Scolamiero is seeking is “another” nature, immersed in an almost amniotic dimension that often becomes umbratile and visionary.  It is not without reason that the title of both the exhibition and the cycle of works here presented, “Della declinante ombra” (From the slant shadow), takes the viewer by the hand leading them back on a path of inner reality, of poetic illumination, on a path towards origins that trace back to Celan, Rilke and Hölderlin, to mention just some of Scolamiero’s lyric reference points.