Alla nostra terra

Vincenzo Scolamiero, Galleria Edieuropa-Qui Arte Contemporanea (Edieuropa-Qui Gallery of Contemporary Art), Rome

Enzo Scolamiero proceeds in cycles. It is necessary to verify a given theme, restated and renewed with many variations, by comparing many operative stages. But this rational need does not cool his lyrical and sensual emotion and pleasure in painting, in “making painting.” In other words, Scolamiero’s freedom and imagination intensify, specify, and exult through consciousness and the possession of the subject. The bundles, leaves, the little objects from which he asks the spark, the incipit, are, however, merely the smallest pretexts to create and elaborate a story made of signs, colors, clumps of matter, impetuous or tenderly exhausted gestures, which often have an estranging and therefore alarming relationship with the space that contains them, still partially recognizable: the corner of a room, an empty wall…A device taken from Bacon to better focus the violence of his erotic images. But Scolamiero works on neither a surreal hypothesis nor, even less, virtual reality. His only impassioned purpose is painting, which is, for him, more than a vocation, an inevitable destiny.

Lorenza Trucchi

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